ACI Multi (180 count)

Both iron and copper have been eliminated from this version of ACI Multi to address the needs of patients who may have elevated tissue levels of iron and copper or who do not need to supplement these minerals. ACI Multi is identical in all other respects to ACI Multi 1 tablet formula. This versatile, high potency multiple vitamin and mineral supplement is formulated to be the primary dietary supplement for all types of patients. The amounts and ratios of nutrients are based on many years of clinical experience. Nutrient forms that provide documented bioavailability are included for maximum benefit. The 1:1 calcium to magnesium ratio, high-potencies of vitamins E, C, D3, and B-complex, active forms of folate and vitamin B12, extra pantothenic acid for adrenal support, and full complement of trace elements distinguish this formula from ordinary multiple vitamins. This concentrated formula is designed to fit into six tablets daily. A clear, water-soluble cellulose coating protects the stability of the nutritional ingredients and makes the tablets easy to swallow. Each batch is tested using USP protocols to ensure tablet disintegration time of 45 minutes or less to help maximize nutrient bioavailability. ACI Multi is free of common allergens, artificial flavors, preservatives, and colorings.

ACI Multi (180 count)
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