ACI Omega 100 ct

Omega-3 EPA and DHA fatty acids found in cold water marine fish support many physiological processes related to immune function, regulation of inflammation, lipoprotein metabolism, brain function, and mood regulation. All ACI fish oil supplements are molecularly distilled to ensure removal of heavy metals (mercury, lead, etc.), pesticides, and other contaminants. ACI Omega is a concentrated product supplying over 50% EPA/DHA content and is a very affordable option for daily omega-3 supplementation. Each softgel supplies a guaranteed minimum amount of 270 mg EPA and 190 mg DHA. In accordance with industry recommendations for accurate labeling of omega-3 content, these amounts represent the actual “elemental” weight of EPA and DHA, not the higher weight of the fatty acid compound typically reported. Mixed vitamin E tocopherols maintain freshness by retarding lipid peroxidation. Each batch of softgels is analyzed by an independent testing laboratory to verify oil purity and omega-3 potency. Cholesterol-free.

ACI Omega 100 ct
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